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We see alot of shoppers online putting their required queries related to those products that they purchase. A no response to these may be a barrier towards your website and the products that you often keep on promoting,advertising or marketing.Let me provide a practical and a genuine reason to it. For eg: If some student wants to learn a subject in detail and is interested in scoring and working hard enough for that subject,than he will opt his teacher (who knows that subject and not that person who does not know.He may also face various difficulties while studing that subject,he will start asking many questions and also will wait till he gets his answers.Now, imagine if he has its exam the next day and if his queries are not resolved he may loose interest in either that subject or that teacher.

Here, from the above situation we get to know that why is “Help centre” required for each and every thing that we do. Here,comes the same for the Shoppers that shop online and expects from the sellers and other developers that their queries must be addressed to a faster extent. Shupple help centre - must be providing and addressing all the possible queries of their customers frequently.A Help center page must be into a form that answers all their questions considering a apart of Frequently asked Questions.

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